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RIMSIND is a unit of Retar Mediserve Private Limited, we provide clarity about the organizational structure and ownership of our brand.

RIMSIND (Rehab Integrated Medical Solution India) is a digital medical platform developed by Retar Mediserve Private Limited. RIMSIND aims to streamline clinical and administrative tasks through advanced features and technologies.

The platform offers several key features such as online scheduling, e-prescription, automated billing, and digital data storage. These features are designed to make the management of clinical and administrative tasks more efficient, reducing manual processes and improving workflow

Ensuring data access is easy and seamless is an important aspect of RIMSIND . By digitizing data and storing it in a centralized system, healthcare professionals can quickly retrieve and access patient information authorized by the patient when needed, leading to a smoother workflow and enhanced patient care.

Gaining the trust of users is a crucial objective for RIMSIND, and they achieve this by following transparent treatment policies. Transparency in treatment processes helps build trust between healthcare providers and patients, ensuring that decisions and actions are clear and understood.

User privacy and data security are also emphasized by RIMSIND. Protecting patient data is of utmost importance, and to achieve this, RIMSIND has implemented an Multiple encryption system. This encryption ensures that data is securely transmitted and can only be accessed by authorized individuals, adding an extra layer of protection to sensitive medical information.

Overall, RIMSIND aims to provide a comprehensive digital medical platform that enhances the efficiency of clinical and administrative tasks, maintains transparency in treatment policies, and prioritizes user privacy and data security.

RIMSIND General Services

RIMSIND (www. rimsind.in /www. rimsind.com )Our online software incorporates a comprehensive database that includes various medical services such as doctors, polyclinics, nursing homes, hospitals, ambulances, and their respective facilities. Having a centralized database can be highly beneficial for both patients and healthcare providers.

With such a database, patients can easily access information about different medical services and facilities available to them. They can search for doctors specializing in specific fields, find nearby polyclinics or nursing homes, and gather information about the services offered by hospitals and ambulances. This centralized information can save patients time and effort in finding suitable medical services.

For healthcare providers, having a consolidated database allows for efficient management of medical services. It facilitates scheduling appointments, coordinating care, and optimizing resource allocation. Healthcare providers can update their information, availability, and services in the database, ensuring that patients have accurate and up-to-date information.


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